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Rich ListI never really bother reading those Rich List supplements that turn up in the newspaper every six months or so. But I can easily imagine the kinds of people who populate its ranks. They’re the mega-rich: the people who never need think about money. The footballers, business tycoons, movie stars and media barons. The figures attached to their names are so large as to be meaningless to me. I have no idea what I would buy with the kind of money they have at their disposal.

In fact, they have so much money that they probably wouldn’t even notice if they had to part with a sizeable sum. That’s the argument you often hear when people are getting upset about the amount of tax they have to pay. “Why don’t they tax the mega-rich?” they cry, “Tax the hell out of the top percentile, and leave the others alone.”

Now the Rich Lists you get in the papers usually feature about 100 people. Which isn’t a lot when you consider that there are seven billion of us on this crowded little planet. So what would a rich list look like if it included everyone? Where would you or I rank in the global leaderboard of wealth?

If you’re curious – and willing to shake some of your opinions about who to tax – then enter your income at The Global Rich List. Hat tip to Jeremy at Make Wealth History.


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