100monthsnef‘s climate change and energy team, Andrew Simms and Victoria Johnson, calculated that on August 1st 2008 there were only one hundred months left to stop runaway climate change.  Without significant action to reduce our emissions before these one hundred months are up, the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere could push our planet over the “tipping point”: the point at which the earth’s ecosystems stop soaking up greenhouse gases and start emitting them. When this happens, climate change will be out of our hands. A series of feedback mechanisms in the climate system will cause a domino effect, forcing more and more ecosystems over the brink as the world gets warmer and warmer.

Of course, we haven’t reached that point yet. Nor will we ever if we work now to tackle the problem. So sign up for monthly alerts at onehundredmonths.org and ensure that, in one hundred months time, we will looking at a brighter, cooler, more sustainable future.

andrew_simms1In this series of posts from the Guardian’s Commentisfree, Andrew Simms counts down the months with a blog on the effects of climate change.


92 months and counting

1 April, 2009: As the clock ticks down, politicians should get their priorities right: the environment could bail out the economy. Keep reading >>


93 months and counting

1 March, 2009: The debate on tackling climate change often becomes transfixed by magic bullet technologies. Keep reading >>


94 months and counting

1 February, 2009: Measuring economic growth – as the current crisis proves – is no way to rate the health of the planet. Keep reading >>


95 months and counting

1 January, 2009: Averting climatic catastrophe is still achievable but we might need to learn from the Victorians about applying ourselves. Keep reading >>


Let’s not shop till we drop

1 December, 2008: We are encouraged to shop to support the economy, but there are better ways to keep our spirits high in times of recession. Keep reading >>


97 months left

1 November, 2008: But October marked an unprecedented opportunity for the US and UK to tackle climate change. Keep reading >>


98 months, and counting

1 October, 2008: Governments moved quickly to rescue our banks. Why does it take any longer to act to save the planet from runaway warming? Keep reading >>


99 months, and counting

1 September, 2008: In August, we marked the beginning of a 100 month countdown to stop irreversible climate change. The response has been astonishing. Keep reading >>


The final countdown

1 August, 2008: Time is running out to stop irreversible climate change. We have only 100 months to avoid disaster. Keep reading >>