A Triple Crunch
Financial meltdown, soaring food and energy bills, oil depletion, accelerating climate change. The global economy faces a ‘triple crunch’ which could develop into a perfect storm to rival or surpass the Great Depression. We have very little time. In terms of climate change, there is now less than one hundred months to turn things around.

At this new blog from nef (the new economics foundation), we will be debating the solutions to this convergence of crises. Current responses simple aren’t getting to the root of the problem. As the world slips further into financial and environmental freefall, this blog builds on over 20 years of new economics thinking and practice to set out solutions to the interlinked challenges we face.

Watch this space for more from nef researchers, staff and friends, exploring the challenges, possibilities and solutions in these turbulent times.

About nef (the new economics foundation)
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