Bookmark and ShareKaren Schucan-Bird is a researcher in nef’s Climate Change and Energy team.

Today marks a global day of celebration for the achievements of women around the world. Established in the early 1900’s, this celebration takes place annually on the 8th March. This date is an official holiday in some parts of the world, and marked by a range of activities in others.

The 8th of March also provides a space in which we can reflect on women’s role in society and the progress we have made towards gender equality. This year, my thoughts turn to the intersection of gender and climate change. Last week, the Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) brought together some inspiring women (and men) to launch their new report Gender and the Climate Change Agenda. This report highlights that, whilst women contribute less to global warming than their male counterparts, climate change and its adverse effects are having greater impacts on the female population. Women are more likely than men to suffer from climate related disasters, feel the effects of rising food prices and experience associated health problems.

The WEN report also highlights the positive actions that women are taking across the world to tackle or adapt to climate change. Within the UK, inspiring ladies are establishing community food growing projects, helping to ‘green’ the NHS, heading up environmental campaigns and more. So on a day like today, let’s recognise the work that there is to be done but celebrate our achievements.