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The Bigger Picture: A Festival of InterdependenceIf you can get to London’s South Bank by cycling, walking or taking the kind of public transport which has neither wings nor steam-engines, then we’d love it if you could come along to The Bigger Picture: A Festival of Interdependence. It’s shaping up to be a fantastic day. The programme hasn’t been finalised yet, but I can promise that you’ll get an incredible array of speakers, fantastic workshops which will equip you with the skills to live a low carbon, high well-being life, galleries full of art that speaks to our troubled times and the chance to connect and dream with other people who, like you, are working towards a better world. That, and film screenings, talks, stalls and all the things you’d expect from an event like this. And best of all, it’s completely free to attend.

And if you live beyond the remit of trains, coaches, pedals and feet, you should still keep the 24 October 2009 free. As I mentioned a while back, that’s the day when our friends at – the international pressure group fronted by NASA scientist James Hanson and veteran environmental campaigner Bill McKibbon – are organising a global day of action on climate change. 350 have made a map of actions, so you can find the one nearest to you, or better yet, add your own!

Bill has been busy promoting the day – and the importance of the number 350, which represents the safe level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere (we’re already at a dangerous 390 ppm). Here he faces Stephen Colbert, the mock right-wing commentator on US TV station Comedy Central: Vodpod videos no longer available.