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1 minute to save the world

So you’ve probably seen An Inconvenient Truth and The Age of Stupid. They’re both pretty good. But perhaps you think you can do better. Perhaps you think not only can you make the most astounding, life-altering and empowering film about climate change that the world has ever seen, but also you can make it in less than one minute.

If so, then you should definitely get involved with 1 Minute to Save the World, an international film competition and online film festival. You can do anything you like, so long as it’s got something to do with climate change.

The films will be judged by such luminaries as Franny Armstrong (director of The Age of Stupid), Bruce Parry (presenter of TV’s Tribe), Mark Lynas (author of Six Degrees) and Shekhar Kapur (director of Elizabeth) and the competition is being backed by Greenpeace, Stop Climate Chaos, the World Development Movement and, of course, nef.

The winning films will be shown later this year at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, with one overall winner receiving a handy £1,000.

According to Jessica Dunlop, the visionary behind the competition, the idea is to harness the power of short films in a similar way to viral videos and corporate advertising, but using the medium for a more important message.

As well as the main competition, there are also categories for entries for young people and for films shot on mobile phones.

The closing date is 5 October 2009. To get more details about the competition and to see some of the short films that have already been made, visit