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My spoof movie poster for a fictional 2027 newspaper

My spoof movie poster for a fictional 2027 newspaper

Sometimes, it seems, wishes do come true.

I spent much of last week designing graphics for some spoof newspapers which our Participation and Democracy team are creating to engage people in discussions about climate change. There are four different papers, all set in 2027 but each with a different climate change outcome, ranging from a sustainable future to a veritable apocalypse. I’d been asked to make a suitable film advert for each scenario and decided that a documentary called The Great Transition: The tale of how it turned out right was a good fit for the sustainable future paper. As I emailed the finished image to my colleagues, I wrote ‘I really hope they get a chance to make this one’.

Well, now they have.

The pioneering communities who make up the Transition Network have a film on the way, called In Transition, which promises to be perfect sequel to The Age of Stupid: providing the positive solutions to the climate change crisis. It’s premiering at 1.45pm on 23 May at the Transition Network Conference, which is now completely sold out, but you will be able to watch it streaming at (the link isn’t active yet, but bookmark it anyway).  Watch the teaser trailer here: