Bookmark and ShareSam Thompson is a researcher and a consultant at nef‘s centre for well-being.

Early Day Motions in parliament tend to slip by unnoticed much of the time, but this one from Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson is definitely worth a second glance:

Happiness and Public Policy

That this House believes that the promotion of happiness and well-being are legitimate and important goals of Government; notes a GfK NOP poll showed 81 per cent. of people believe Government’s prime objective should be happiness, not wealth; notes large surveys, including Eurobarometer, that show the UK’s happiness has remained static for at least 25 years; recognises the Government can influence some factors that affect happiness, such as unemployment and respite for carers; welcomes the Government’s Foresight report into Mental Capital and Well-being showing how well-being promotion is possible; and calls for official and regularly conducted statistics on national happiness and well-being to inform policy-making.

30 signatures and counting, with at least some support from all sides of the House and a few noteworthy names. Of course, we’ve been banging on about this well-being stuff for ages, but it’s good to see the ideas permeating into places that matter.

The notion of “official and regularly conducted statistics on national happiness and well-being” sounds particularly intriguing.

I should watch this space, if I were you…