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A few picks from the web.

The Guardian has just put up a fantastic Carbon Atlas, which represents countries by the size of their emissions. It’s a very effective way of making the stats accessible – and astounding. Compare the United States with one our favourite little countries here at nef, the kingdom of Bhutan.

The Green New Deal is gathering endorsements so quickly that my regular round-ups can barely keep up. The lastest one comes from the International Energy Association. It’s worth bearing in mind that the IEA have been notoriously sceptical of peak oil. Getting their backing on this cause is therefore especially significant. The IEA’s Energy Director, Nobuo Tanaka, said:

The current volatility in global energy markets and the broader economic slowdown must not push us off-track from our efforts to address climate change. We must put in place the framework that will guide investment during the recovery and we must start the green infrastructure that will enable the sustainable economy going forward. We think there is an enormous opportunity to develop a ‘Clean Energy New Deal’ to achieve energy security, economic and environmental goals.

The Independent has a fascinating article about an ancient fertilization technique used by pre-Columbian Amazonian tribes which might help us sequester carbon dioxide. The idea is to grow thousands of trees, turn them into something called biochar and then bury it in the ground. The carbon dioxide take in by the trees will then be safely stored for thousands of years, improving soil quality in the meantime. And if you think that sounds like a dubious geoengineering or off-setting fix, consider that Professor James Hansen – godfather of climate science – is supporting the idea as a means of getting us back to the safety zone of 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Finally, a video from Watch and then sign the petition.